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29 October 2005 All Hallows Flyin to Turweston - Vintage Aircraft Club

This is the last flyin of the Vintage Aircraft Club year so we were determined to attend if at all possible, we had missed so many other events during the year for varying reasons.

We telephoned Turweston to hear the weather conditions were quite favourable and better than around our home airfield.  We took off when the cloud base level rose and headed Northish along a track we knew quite well.  Didcot Power Station was swathed in cloud so not nearly the good landmark that it usually was.  Then over M40 passing Westcott to the East and Bicester to the West.  Then at Buckingham we could see Turweston and had the landing instructions.  We joined the "huge" Turweston noise abatement circuit and followed the other planes electing when we called finals to land on the grass runway.

We taxied back and were met by some amazing characters with bats who gave us instructions where to park.  They were definitely getting into the All Hallows spirit, and were greatly appreciated.

Batmen with a difference

We headed off for a coffee and waited for our friends to arrive.  We purchased a Club calendar but were disappointed not to see AY within the pictures but hoped for better things next year.  We had after all not been able to attend many events this year so maybe that was the reason we were missed out.

Soon the Bulldog and Yellow Tiger landed and we all met up for some welcome lunch.  We had a lovely walk along the rows of planes, hangers and had admired the new PFA building.


Deciding that all good things should end, the Tiger left for home and Paul in the Bulldog having not used his free landing at Stapleford decided to go back that way.  We wanted to perform an oil change on the plane so headed home.

When we were alongside Bicester we saw a familiar Luton Minor plane and slowed down to wave  then homeward bound.

Many thanks to all those who organised the flyin and our very best wishes for the winter months. We look forward to seeing you at the Snowdrop flyin on 14 January 2006.