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9 January 2011


We flew to White Waltham for fuel and lunch, routing South of Aldermaston and South of Reading to point Sierra. Then on to White Waltham to join through the overhead for a left hand circuit on runway 25. The airfield was busy with a lengthy queue for fuel. When we got to the front of the fuel queue we were very disappointed to find that the optimum step ladder that had been used to refuel high wing aircraft had been replaced by a heavy steel platform on wheels. This was far from ideal since to get near the fuel filler points on a 170 a stepladder is required that straddles the undercarriage leg. Fuelling with this device was really difficult and its weight was excessive, making it difficult to manoeuvre close to the wheel spats.

We had lunch and met up with our friends Sue Thompson and John Coker who were flying G-ANFM.

After lunch we departed out to the West and flew over Rotherwick and then further West to look at the runway renovations at Membury airfield from the air. After turning Membury is was a leisurely return flight back to base with just time to clean and put the aeroplane to bed before it got dark.