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27 August 2011

Our C of A had taken two months and during this period the aeroplane had been subjected to a level of bureaucratic stupidity that if allowed to continue can only lead to the demise of general aviation.

So today was the first flight post C of A and we were going to attend the Wings and Wheels event at Henstridge. The weather was not great with a brisk WNW wind and unstable showery conditions. We departed on runway 29 and flew the usual route to the West Country, initially heading South via Chilbolton and then West passing South of Salisbury and North of Shaftesbury. At Henstridge we were able to fly a straight in approach to 25 and cleared the runway for the bowser where Brian came to give us fuel. 

We parked up on the grass and because of the weather there wasn’t a vast number of aeroplanes that this event normally brings. We headed for the display of interesting old cars and the stalls of items for sale where I bought a few tools. There were a good number of interesting vehicles, which we looked at between the showers. We had a burger for lunch and then later in the day were treated to a great display from the BBMF who were in transit between displays. There was also a good display of model aircraft plus a display by a Cri Cri. 

Mid afternoon we decided to leave and departed on runway 25 in a rain shower. However by the time we were North abeam of Shaftesbury we were through it and it remained clear and dry all the way back to base. 

This is a good event and one we really enjoy attending.