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21 April 2011


The weather was initially calm but very hazy. We were airborne at 10:35 and the visibility was very limited so took care with the navigation and adjusted the track to coincide with good landmarks. Routed South of Popham, Alton  and Farnham, then East along the South side of the Hogs Back. In the area to the South of Guildford the visibility was improving so continued heading East, using the North Downs Ridge and the railway line from Shalford to the Redhill area as navigation aids. 

Shifted slightly North around Redhill, now using the M25 which we followed to Sevenoaks. Took a few photos of a building on the North side of Sevenoaks and then tracked South East to pick up the Ashford railway. Then East along the line to Lashenden for a straight in landing on runway 11 at 11:45. 

Had a good bacon roll and coffee while watching the parachuting. Had a walk around and looked at the resident aircraft. 

We were back in the aeroplane at 13:00 for a departure off runway 11 with a left hand circuit to the North of Headcorn Town. We routed West along the line until the Redhill area which we flew around to the North. Clear of Redhill we flew West just on the South side of the North Downs and then along the Hogs Back. Routing South of Farnham one unusually strong thermal rolled the aeroplane quite violently and we definitely hovered above the seats for a period. 

After South around Alton we routed towards Popham keeping a good look out for the Lasham traffic who were probably enjoying the very robust thermals. At Popham we landed on 21 and Martin admitted to making the usual mistake of landing at the start of the runway instead off further up the hill where the cross slope is much less. 

After taking on fuel we struggled to outclimb the slope of the 21 departure and then continued on track until back at base.