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20 June 2011

We had hoped to attend a Devon Strut event at Branscombe but with fog forecast in the channel and the aeroplane going in for its C of A on our return we didnít want to risk being stuck away from base. 

Decided to go for a flight around the local patch, calling in on Popham for fuel and lunch on the way back. We departed from 29 in very light wind conditions and good visibility. Initial track was ESE to pass South of Popham and take us to the edge of Alton. Then it was due South heading for the microwave tower on Butser Hill.  

When in the South Downs area and looking south the fog banks in the Solent were very visible and they were breaking up in a great swirl somewhere over the town of Portsmouth. We continued South to the edge of the fog bank and then turned East to run along the edge of it. The fog appeared to extend forever and it was nice to know there was a clear view of land on the North side of the aeroplane. As we continued East the fog had gone further inland. All of Selsey Bill was covered and in the Littlehampton area the fog was not far South of Arundel. 

From overhead Arundel we turned North and headed for Dunsfold Aerodrome as it can often be spotted while many miles to the South and is a good navigation fix. Passing close to Dunsfold we complied with a Notam that asked for passing traffic to call Dunsfold as their movements were increasing. We called but got no response. Sadly I believe all stories about Dunsfold increasing its aviation activity are totally false and designed to make the locals view the construction of housing more favourably. Living very close to Dunsfold we would love to see this fantastic airfield returned to full time aviation use. 

After Dunsfold we continued North to Cranleigh and did a couple of turns over our friend Paulís house where he is constructing an Escapade. If the Escapade is in the garden its bright yellow colour provides another good navigation fix.  

From Cranleigh we turned West passing South of Guildford, South of Farnham and finally South of Alton before positioning to join via a right hand circuit for 21 at Popham.  We took on 73 litres of fuel and had lunch there. 

We departed Popham and back at base entered the last flight in the log books before turning the aeroplane over for its never to be forgotten C of A!