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23 October 2005  - Free landing at Stapleford

Each month Martin gets the Pilot Magazine delivered and there are always a selection of free landing vouchers to entice you to visit airfields.  October magazine had one for Stapleford.  Martin had not landed there for many years so we decided, with the free landing and no exciting flyins available we would venture North of the Thames. 

We took off and headed past family houses towards Guildford and then along the M25 to Redhill and on to where it heads North.  We followed the road and caught sight of Biggin Hill and then some of the sights of London.  Over the Thames and onto Stapleford.

We joined the circuit and landed following the taxi instructions towards the fuel.  After queuing for a while we pushed the plane to the pumps and were delighted to hear the admiring words of the young lad on the pumps.  However this was short lived when we discovered that Stapleford do not have a pair of step ladders to enable us to receive fuel.  They only have a steps the sort that are used for passengers to get into large planes, definitely no good for high wing aeroplanes with pretty "pants" 

The lad did offer to get some boxes and "make" a standing position so he could reach the fuel caps, but since we had waited so long and we did just have enough fuel to get us back to Popham we gave up.

Stapleford Tower and club house

We stopped for coffee and baguette a quick look around and headed back to Popham before their fuel closed for the day.

Back the same route we had even better views of the Millennium Dome, the London Eye, Greenwich and the City Airport.

Reaching a busy Popham we joined the circuit and were informed we were clear to get fuel.  Good news - and they have a magnificent ladder.  Filling AY entitled us a free landing.

So although not one of the prettiest trips, it was an interesting one and a day in the air at this time of the year is always a bonus, and no landing fees.