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30 May 2005  The Grand opening of the Sandown Airfield Restaurant and Clubhouse

The Grand opening was announced a while ago of the new restaurant and club house for Sandown airfield to be on 30 May 2005.  All landing fees were waived and a wings and wheels day was offered to all who attended.

We and a few friends decided to support the airfield on their special day.  We flew in our Cessna 170B, Paul in his Bulldog, John and Steve in the Tiger Moth, Berndt and Paul in their Condor and John in his Auster. It was going to be quite a party.

We flew over Portsmouth and on to the Island, past Bembridge and onto enter the overhead above Sandown.  The new clubhouse was very visible and several aircraft had already arrived.  We descended and joined the circuit travelling downwind and landed on runway 23.
Sandwn from the air
We landed and we met John with his Auster.  We were joined shortly by our friends and we enjoyed a drink and some food in the new facilities.  Sadly John had to leave early but the rest of us decided we would walk down to the beach.  So off through the lanes, past Shanklin railway station and down to the beach.  Then along the front to Sandown where we stopped for a well deserved ice cream.
Ice-creams all round - from left Steve, John, Paul, Martin, Paul and Bernt
Refreshed we set off back to the airfield up through the town, over the railway and through the golf course.  One final drink and the set off back home. Time for a quick photo shot over the Solent.
Bulldog over the solent
Then up past Butser Hill, Alton, Lasham airfield, no gliders seemed to be about and off home.
Butser Hill landmark
We were glad we supported the airfield and very pleased to have been joined by so many of our "flying" friends for a most enjoyable day.