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7 August 2005 - Oaksey Park - Luscombe weekend flyin

Whilst at Branscombe last week we talked to Nigel Barrett who told us he was organising a Luscombe weekend flyin at Oaksey Park, and he invited us join them.

We were otherwise engaged on the Saturday, so could not fly in for the Saturday evening festivities.  They ordered Indian curries from the local take away, washed down with a barrel of beer.  Next morning cooked breakfasts were offered to those who had camped overnight.  We left early on Sunday morning to land at an airfield new to us both.

Visibility was fantastic, and it was easy to find Kemble airfield one we have visited often.  Oaksey Park is just South of Kemble and we spotted it very quickly and were advised to land on Runway 04 using a right hand circuit. 

Oaksey Park airfield
Upon landing we taxied to the fuel pump and filled up before joining the line of aeroplanes "pretending" to be Luscombes.   Apparently about 24 planes had visited  on Saturday and many were expected on Sunday.  While we enjoyed a tour of the facilities and a welcome cup of coffee we spotted a familiar plane. Paul arrived in his Bulldog, closely followed by John and Sue in their Tiger Moth.
G-DOGG Bulldog FM the Tiger

We all met up and wandered around the field, what an amazing collection of hangers with some superb aeroplanes.  Then over to the club house where we enjoyed the fruits of the barbecue and chatted to fellow aviators including a couple from Rochester whose Luscombe was described as work in progress.  They had hoped to have it flying by this weekend but now anticipate it will be ready in about three weeks.  We wish them good luck and safe flying and hope to meet up with them again.

By now the field was filling up with Luscombes in all colours and all beautifully turned out and a credit to their owners and few other planes.

Luscombes Non Luscombes

Congratulations to Nigel for a wonderful first Luscombe flyin at Oaksey Park.  He hopes this was the first of an annual event.  We said we would certainly be back.

It was such a lovely day we took off deciding on the long way home, heading towards Badminton, then Bath, over the Devizes locks and home.

I had spent some time with my sewing machine earlier in the week and completed the new covers for the plane, I was relieved to find they fitted and hopefully will protect AY from little birdie presents.

Oaksey Park was a beautiful airfield and certainly one we will be revisiting soon