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12 November 2005 - Leicester with G-DOGG

Having missed last weekend because of high winds we were determined to fly this weekend.  A free landing voucher in Pilot magazine for Leicester helped us to decide where to go.  A quick telephone call to the airfield informed us of good weather conditions and light winds, just what we wanted to hear.

Paul and his friend, Nobuo from Japan met us at the airfield.  He had not flown in a single engined plane before and was a little nervous.  We both took off flying in formation.  Well, we flew, and Paul formatted. 

Smiling through his nerves
We headed North, past the usual  landmarks. Didcot Power Station , Abingdon, Oxford, Finmere and onto Buckingham. Then great views of Turweston, Silverstone , Northampton and then onto Leicester.
Leicester airfield

We radioed ahead and got landing instructions, the circuit was very busy so joining overhead, we descended deadside and joined the others in the circuit landing safely on runway 22.  We taxied around to the pumps and filled with fuel, saving our voucher for another day.  Free landing with large amounts of fuel.  While we were being refuelled by the fire crew they had a call and had to leave us as an aeroplane had reported problems with their undercarriage.  They had wound it down manually but were concerned whether it would hold on landing.  Fortunately for all concerned they landed safely and taxied to a safe area to inspect their plane.

Having refuelled the AY we needed to refuel ourselves so headed to the tower to book in, pay for the fuel and purchase lunch.  Two coffees and a bacon baguette each later we set off for a walk around the lines of aeroplanes, the hangers and exchange plane "stuff" with other pilots.

Finally we decided the early sunsets we are now experiencing meant we must head home.  The wind direction had changed so we took off on Runway 28 and enjoyed the return journey. 

We gave AY a quick wash as the temperature was dropping fast. Then tucked her up till our next trip.