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2 April 2005 Visit to the home of the Tiger Club Lashenden in Kent

We were very pleased that our good friend Michael Peare who was visiting England was able to join us for a days flying.  Paul and John also joined the party.

We arrived at the airfield and checked planes ready for takeoff.  Michael was to fly with Paul in his Bulldog plane (G-DOGG) and learn some of the intricacies of aero rolls.  John was to fly with us in our plane (G-MDAY)

The day was a little hazy but visibility improved as the flight progressed.  It was great flying past Popham, Lasham and then over Alton towards Guildford.  Lovely sights of the Hogsback and Cathedral.  Then on towards Redhill using the M25 as our heading.  Strangely there were no planes in the Redhill hold circling over the motorway junction.  Then onto pick up the railway line towards Ashford and past all the hops fields.  

We landed and headed for the fuel pumps.  Having filled the planes we decided to fill our tummies.  There were many people enjoying a day parachuting and some flying their model aeroplanes.  Also two pilots took to the skies to perform some fantastic manoeuvres. 

Lashenden is the home of the Tiger Club, so there  were many planes and people for us to see and talk with.  There is also a very good museum open on Sundays, well worth a visit.

The return journey was extended with flights over favourite haunts and back home where we enjoyed coffee and cake and decided that a visit to the pub would round off the day rather nicely.

Great day, great company, good to meet Michael again, we all wish him well and hope he returns again before too long