27 - 28 August 2005   Henstridge and Roserrow flyins

The weather was forecast to be fine with moderate winds, so we decided to have a great bank holiday and attend two flyins.

We took of early and arrived at Henstridge as one of the early visiting aeroplanes.  We were parked on the grass and pleased to see the some vintage planes already parked.  I have never seen the Piper Cub that used to double as a flying ambulance.  

Auster ambulance
We understand that about 100 aeroplanes attended before the end of the day.  There were several stalls selling goods for charity, and excellent barbecue and the usual "kitchen" goodies.  The meal of the day being chilli and rice.
G-AKYF Chrislea Ace

As usual we enjoyed chatting and walking around the planes.  The Chrislea Ace is always an interesting aeroplane to see.  Martin's son Alastair and his girl friend came to meet us, which was great.  They live a few miles from Henstridge so we do not get to see them too often.

Regrettably shortly after lunch we experienced several rather heavy showers but pilots never seem to worry about a little bit of rain and we continued to enjoy our stay.

We left late afternoon to fly on to our overnight choice of venue.  We soon found Eggesford and landed on their challenging runway.  We were met by  warm invitation to join the lads for tea and cakes.  We filled AY with fuel and accepted their invitation.  Much more talk about Austers and other "old" planes washed down with a welcome cup of tea.  We settled AY for the night, making sure she was chocked securely.

We had tried to obtain overnight accommodation at the Fox and Hounds the local country hotel, but all the rooms were booked so were were offered a room in the farmhouse.  We had our evening meal in the hotel and had a short stroll under the railway and along the River Taw. 

Eggesford is a small village set about half way between Exeter and Barnstaple along the main  road that links these two places.  It is the only other crossing place on the line apart from the one closer to Exeter at Crediton. It had a modern signal box which was built to replace the one washed away when the close by and very adjacent River Exe broke its banks.  The area around there is popular with fox hunting (rightly or wrongly) and game fishing. Once it had a healthy population of otters.

Eggesford views
We woke the next morning to fog, which very soon burned off.  After an excellent breakfast we were off to the airfield for our onward journey.  Wow the view was even better in the morning across the moors.  We flew to Bude and then down the coast.  We soon saw the golf course and the strip down the side with three planes already in position.  Our friends had arrived the evening before and bravely camped the night in tents under the wings of their planes.  I am too old for such activities, as nice as they seemed in theory.
Relaxing by the tents
Our photograph was taken apparently to be placed in the club house.  Very soon just over thirty more planes landed.  We took a stroll down to Polzeath for an ice cream but soon returned when we saw the crowded beach.
From left Sue, John, Martin and Paul looking for ice creams

We took off flying along the coast and soon caught up with a friend who was flying his fixed wing microlight.  He waved so vigorously that I was concerned fall out, but of course he was quite safe.  It was good to see him again.   We hoped to stop off at Dunkerswell on the way home for fuel but we were informed the winds were 15 mph, far too much for us to consider landing crosswind comfortably.  So we continued onto Henstridge where we landed filled up with fuel, a quick coffee before returning home.

What a wonderful weekend.