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27 June 2005 - Evening flight over Guildford

After our abortive flight to Badminton our engineers had taken off the cowling and stated that there was no oil leak now.  Martin had been working very hard recently and was due some time so we headed for the airfield arriving just before the engineers left at the end of their day. 

We looked over the plane and decided to take off and see what happened.  After 15 minutes we landed no oil leak.  So pleased with the result and because the evening was so beautiful we decided to make full use of the time.  We took off and flew towards Guildford for a very pleasant flight around the countryside - with no particular place to go.

We did however go over where Martin's company are having a new office being built.

New Office still being built
We saw many pretty lavender coloured fields filled with linseed plants and the odd red one with poppies.  Visibility was good so I tested out my camera taking pictures with different settings, whilst enjoying the flight in the calm weather.
Linseed fields

Poppy fields

We returned to the airfield after about an hour and delighted to find still no oil leak.  Luckily I had packed coffee and rolls and a few of the strawberries left from our Saturday outing, so we finished the evening with a picnic.