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15 May 2005 Pooleys fly in to Compton Abbas and then onto Eaglescott

There was to be four of us in two aeroplanes on this excursion.  Paul and his friend Simon flew in the Bulldog, while we went in our Cessna 170B.  We took off and flew in formation past Chilbolton, Salisbury and on towards Compton Abbas.  There was little wind but they were using Runway 08.  The first task was to see the marker on the runway to compete in the spot landing competition.

Arriving at Compton Abbas
We had a wonderful lunch as usual, sitting outside in the sunshine.  We watched many planes land and take off, the airfield was certainly very busy.  
Compton Abbas restaurant
We left with a "goody" bag from Pooleys. Paul, much to his amazement took 5th prize in the spot landing competition.  Well done, and a second "goody" bag.
How did Paul do that?
We decided it was too good a day to go home so after a short discussion we decided to head for Eaglescott.  
Passing Henstridge

Again in formation we headed past Henstridge airfield and onto Devon, following roads and rivers as usual.  It was great to have an opportunity to take some good aerial shots.

Soon the radar balls were in sight and we headed for the airfield.  We landed with no difficulty and headed for the fuel bowser, where we took on fuel.  Only 1 a litre. 


Then on for coffee and a chat with the owners of the airfield and a look in the hangers.  What an amazing site we found a Dragon Rapid being repaired.  I really expected to see Poirot to appear any moment.

A quick chat with a gentleman flying his model aeroplanes before we headed for home.  As usual we decided to fly along the North Devon coast.


We made for Ilfracombe, Lynton and Lynmouth, The Valley of the rocks and onto Minehead before we made our way inland.

In the chalk hills there are many different animals, cap badges and mottos.  We passed two such horses on this trip.  Air maps show these horses so they make good navigational aids.

Chalk horse
The sun by now was definitely disappearing and the temperature dropping but a great day with some good company.