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18 June 2005 - A hot day at Duxford to meet Paul's virtual friends

Paul had arranged to meet with many of his "virtual" friends at 13:00 at Duxford under Concords wing.  I had not been to Duxford and Martin had not been there for a while so we decided to take up his offer and join him and his friends.

We flew in convoy over Didcot Power Station, arriving at Duxford with plenty of time to spare landing on Runway 24.  We were given instructions where to park close to the Tower.

Duxford Tower
On walking around to the where we needed to sign in we passed at wonderful display of model aeroplanes that were due to be displayed the following day.  Some of them were enormous, it would have been great to have seen them fly.  But that was scheduled for Sunday.
Models ready to fly
Further on we passed the amazing Sally B
Sally B

We had lunch and a very pleasant chat with some of the "virtuals" before we headed to look around the many hangers.  The weather was so hot and the hangers even hotter with only the US hanger having any sort of air conditioning that although we would have loved to spend longer in each hanger we were wilting far too quickly.  Maybe another visit on a cooler day would be better.  Having said that we did whizz around all of them so are aware of what is available.  A wonderful collection.

It was cooler outside by the trees and we were attracted by a V1, or more better known as the "doodle bug".  The photograph show the replica of one.

Doodle bug replica

Despite the heat it was a lovely day and great meeting some of Paul's friends.  We flew back home with memories of the many aircraft, full size and scaled models, tanks, boats, WW1 and 2 memorabilia, radios to mention just a few of the items on view.

Certainly an airfield to place on our list to return to one day.