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1 May 2005 Almost Dunkeswell but finally Compton Abbas

We set off to the airfield with the idea that we would fly to Dunkeswell in Devon.  We had not been there in a while and the museum is often open on a Sunday.

As we set off the visibility was not too bad although there did appear to be some fog on the South coast.  The fields of rape looked amazing their bright yellow against the now green fields getting greener by the day.  Yes, the English rain does help to make the countryside so pretty.

Rape fields over Hampshire
We spotted the Compton Abbas strobe and went onto past Henstridge airfield.  
Passing Henstridge
Then we noticed some weird looking cloud formation and discovered that Dunkeswell was experiencing a rain storm.  So we called up Dunkeswell to tell them that we were aborting our landing and would land elsewhere.  Shame, but we will return another day.
Arriving at Compton Abbas
We decided to land at Compton Abbas, they do offer exceedingly tasty baguettes.  My favourite is the Dorset ham, while Martin prefers their sausage ones.  We refuelled the plane and spent an enjoyable hour in the sunshine watching the planes land and take off.  One gentleman in a Tiger Moth gave a great display.
Compton Abbas restaurant
Finally we left and flew slowly back home.