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16 October 2005 - Brimpton to meet our friends in FM

We are now well into the foggy morning syndrome and Sunday was a good example of this.  We travelled along the Hogs Back wondering whether we were really doing a sensible thing, later as we went past Odiham we could hardly see 100 yards in front of us.  We plodded on and arrived at the airfield in sunshine but that weird sunshine that you know once you get in the air visibility will be very poor.

We had thought of visiting Stapleford who had a free landing voucher in the Pilot magazine but clearly that was not an option.  Flying around the London zone is not good in bad visibility.  So we did some aeroplane maintenance.  Those dead and a few live flies who lived in our landing light cavity were released and the lights polished.

A quick telephone call to Brimpton offered us a warm welcome, so we contacted our friends at White Waltham and arranged to meet at Brimpton for tea.  Our flight was a little longer than normal as we did not fly direct, preferring to use roads, the railway and canal as guiding points.  We landed on 07 runway and parked beside the clubhouse.  Shortly after the familiar sound of the Tiger Moth bringing our friends was heard.

We all chatted with the owner and other flyers over a cup of tea putting the world to rights. 

Brimpton is a lovely grass strip, the field has recently been enlarged to give more space for aeroplanes to be tied down and a taxiway will be made in the Spring so that aeroplanes will not have to backtrack along the active runway.

As usual we visited the hanger and static aeroplanes before we said our farewells and went home.

Thanks to all at Brimpton for a lovely welcome, we WILL be back.