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26 March 2005 "Overseas" to our beloved Isle of Wight - Bembridge
The sun was shining and wind speeds fairly low, so we decided a visit to one of our favourite haunts was in order.  Before we left the airfield we found the owner of the single seater Colomban MC-15 Cri-Cri (G-SHOG) performing his first test flight.  She flew very well.

We took off and flew past Popham, Lasham, there were a few gliders circling the airfield.  On down to the Isle of Wight.  We called up Bembridge and obtained the details required to land.  The airfield was quite busy and there was lots of glider activity, so we landed on their hard runway.

Upon landing a work colleague of Martins who was holidaying on the Island arrived with his wife for a coffee, chat and view over the plane.  Then we waited for our friend who was due to arrive in his Bulldog (G-DOGG) aeroplane. Once Paul arrived we headed for a walk past the windmill and down through the village to the harbour for lunch.

Feeling full we walked along the harbour wall looking at the houseboats and dreaming.......... then back up to the airfield as the sea fog was fast rolling in and none of us wished an enforced non planned overnight stay on the Island. Bembridge harbour
Bembridge Windmill We joined the other aircraft leaving for the mainland taking off into the fog.  We set a heading for Portsmouth and hoped the land would be visible shortly.  We were over halfway across the Solent before the welcome sight of land was seen.  The fog stayed with us until well over the South Downs, when we were delighted to see seven hot air balloons floating along.  Quite a sight!
Heading back home we arrived without further entertainment and landed shortly before Paul.  We covered the planes and enjoyed a final coffee before the homeward journey.