Flying with Martin

in our Vintage Cessna 170B

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Outings in 2016- Always the optimist, and assuming we can make lots of flights in 2016
13 January Just pleased to be in the air - a little troll around the countryside
4 March Sun is out, wind although cold, not too strong and down the runway, so why not.
Spent a lovely hour in the air going to Devizes and back
28 April A short trip to Popham to meet up with some friends and then on to White Waltham for late lunch before returning home.
Rather breezy landing home but a most enjoyable day 
5 June At last a day with a forecast of light winds and no rain.  So we flew to Brimpton to enjoy their fly in.  Burgers excellent,
company excellent, maybe a little too much 'sad entertainment' (those attending will understand) but a good day for
the majority who attended
21 July Beautiful day for a trip up and along the Avon and Kennet Canal, then back to put the plane in for it's annual. 
She was flying well so no problems we hope
27 August Interesting day at Wings and Wheels in Henstridge.  Met some lovely people and saw some amazing cars  However weather
needed much to be desired.  Thunder, lightening and terrific rain storm kept us on the ground and many planes away.  Never
the less we had a great day.Will this rain ever stop          Giving shelter under high wing
2 October A quiet trip in light winds and sunshine to Brimpton airstrip for a burger and chat to friends.  Amazingly one we had not
seen for 8 years, so lots to catch up on.  Great day
9 October We had a wonderful evening at the End of Season BBQ (last Thursday) at Popham.  Today we flew to the End of
Season Fly-in at Popham. Great weather, met new and old friends, even gave an friend from the past a ride.  Only a
few small showers that soon passed giving amazing rainbows, although we saw both ends of the double rainbows
- sadly no treasure for us.
Thanks Popham
30 November Very light winds, and pleasant sunshine.  Definately a day to be in the air.  Rather chilly and fog developing
in the valleys not helped by the many bonfires.  Great local flight and tasty sausage baguette afterwards. 
22 December Once again light winds although foggy to start with.  Hoping that it may clear, we set off for the airfield.
Fortunately it paid off as we had a lovely local flight and just got back in time to refuel the plane and ourselves. 
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