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in our Vintage Cessna 170B

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Outings during 2005

30 January A short trip to Henstridge, for elevensies and then back home via Popham for lunch and fuel where one of the other three UK registered 170's also landed
Snow and that ghastly North wind have temporarily stopped any more flights
13 March Fantastic trip to Bodmin in Cornwall
19 March Meeting old friends at White Waltham near Maidenhead
26 March "Overseas" to our beloved Isle of Wight Bembridge
2 April Trip to the home of Tiger Club Lashenden in Kent
16 April The other Isle of Wight airfield  - Sandown
28 April Not quite a flight but definitely a worrying trip was taken to the aviation medical examiner for the yearly checkout.  Hurrah Martin passed and we are ready for another year's flying
1 May Almost Dunkeswell but finally Compton Abbas
15 May Pooleys flyin at Compton Abbas followed by a trip to Eaglescott
27 May Biannual successfully completed and then a super flight to Wellesbourne Mountford
30 May The grand opening of the Sandown airfield restaurant and clubhouse
AY now in for her annual - received back 17 June
18 June A hot day at Duxford to meet Paul's virtual friends
26 June Almost Badminton !!!
27 June Evening flight over Guildford
2 July The PFA rally at Kemble
13 July Flying model planes on Smithwood Common
17 July The Devon Strut flyin to Taw Mill
31 July Branscombe airday and Classic cars
7 August Oaksey Park - Luscombe Fly in
21 August Farway Common - Devon Strut Fly In
27-28 August Henstridge, Eggesford and Roserrow
2-20 September Annual holiday to deepest France visiting several airfields including Aurillac where we saw Christian et Paola MOULLEC and their geese and a small farm strip Grayssac Le Faule where we met the owners who do not fly but welcome friends and relatives to their small strip being built and of aeroplanes that have landed there.  With our limited French it was an interesting experience and we were grateful for their patience
25 September Dodging the storms to Turweston
9 October Vintage Aircraft Club - Flyin to Sackville Farm
16 October Brimpton to meet up with FM
23 October Free landing at Stapleford
29 October All Hallows Vintage Aircraft Club Fly in to Turweston
12 November Leicester with G-DOGG
4 December Spending free landing vouchers at White Waltham and Enstone