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Seaton Carew, Durham, England

The little village of Seaton Carew lay to the south of Stranton. Occupations were originally fishing related although the more affluent from the area did, in the late 18th and 19th centuries "take the air" in guest houses. Seaton was incorporated into West Hartlepool in 1881

Holy Trinity, Seaton Carew, Durham, England

Seaton Carew received a deed of Chancery on 26 September 1831 for the church. In 1831 it was part of the ancient parish of Stranton and had a postal address of Stockton on Tees County Durham. In 1840 it became a parish in its own right. 
Holy Trinity Church with it's abundant growth of ivy, was built in 1831 at a cost of £1700 on land bought by Isabella Lawson; her son John was vicar here from 1835-1890.

Vicars of Holy Trinity Church

John Lawson - 1842-1890
Francis W P J Mortimer - 1890-1894
Charles B R Hunter - 1894-1909
Charles F Bickmore - 1909 - 1927
Frederick Beavan - 1917-1927
George Robinson Cook - 1927-1932
F Oswald Scott - 1933-1935
James Booth - 1936-1954
Joseph Maughan - 1955-1962
Cecil Charles Greenwood - 1962-1972
John Edward Scott - 1973-1974
William Worley - 1976 - 

Curates of Holy Trinity Church

James Benjamin Baynard . 1875-1876
Frederick G J Robinson . 1881-1885
James Whitehead Pattison . 1885-1890
Reginald Robson . 1932-1935
Ernest Malcolm Sidebottom . 1954-1956
Herbert Pearcey Johnston . 1957-1961