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Last updated 19 January 2013

Whether you are, or were a Greathead, related to a Greathead, enjoy one of the variants Gratehead, Greatheed, Greathed, Greethead, Grethed, Greated or just interested in the family I hope you find items of interest within these pages.  One day maybe I will discover that we are all related.  Do have fun exploring the following pages and let me know what you think

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I have registered this study with the Guild of One-Name Studies. Membership number 3994

I was elected their Secretary on 10 April 2010.

You will notice some dramatic changes to this website.  Please bear with me while I sort it all out.  So not only am I climbing my family tree I am also climbing a huge learning curve.  Do shout if a link does not work

Tom Greathead to a fellow tourist "Yes sir! We are indeed a very ancient family.  That is a bust of one of my earliest ancestors"

Tom Greathead to a fellow tourist. 

Yes Sir! We are a very  ancient family.  That is the bust of one of my earliest ancestors

The surname GREATHEAD seems to mean just that; someone with a remarkably large head, in the real or perhaps colloquial sense, or maybe they enjoyed rather a large ego.  I like to think maybe the large head contains brains used to achieve whatever we choose to do.  It corresponds to the French GrossÍte and the German Groeskopf.

My maiden name was GREATHEAD and I am attempting a One-Name Study on the name of GREATHEAD. This will include eventually everyone who enjoyed the name by birth, adoption, marriage or by choice, both living and dead.

I am keen to contact all GREATHEAD's and anyone related to them.  If you can help or want to research any particular chart with me do let me know. 

This site may be linked to but not duplicated in any way, wholly or in part, except for private study. I must stress that although due care has been taken I cannot guarantee the information to be accurate.  Contact me if you have any further information, photographs, stories or if you find any errors I will happily correct them. Information of living persons is not included.
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