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No comment on the truth of this - The Genealogical widower

The Genealogical widowerDoes 'your' wife spend her life in a library? Is her nose always deep in a book?

Serving leftovers, late, for your luncheon, can she no longer be bothered to cook?

Does she seek an affair with the postman? Do your overtures meet with riposte?

Its not for his visits she's yearning but the letters of love in the post.

Can you no longer enter your study? Does the desk overflow to the floor?

With details that beg comprehension of persons obscure and of yore.

And does she incessantly babble about things you don't give a toss

Of a long dead illiterate Auntie who witnessed a Will with a cross.

Well! you've had it! I might as well tell you, usurped and degraded like me

A genealogical widower you take second place to a tree.

No! I don't mean a gum or a wattle of chainsaws it taketh no heed

It's a kind of ancestral pyramid extolling man's penchant to breed.

I'm forming an organisation for dissidents folks such as I

Whose spouses have left them to follow the all-seeing God. IGI.

What's that dear?  Related to convicts? Gt Grandad was on the first fleet?

His son the first Mayor of Bunyip and one of the nation's Elite?

His ancestors crossed with the Conquest I'm related to Dukes by the score?

It's amazing this family history Incredible! Do tell me more.