Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - USA

There are many Greathead families who emigrated to USA or maybe just visited using various ships. I have identified the following and would hope to add more as they are identified. Arrivals via Ellis Island: www.ellisislandrecords.org or www.castlegarden.org

A M Greathead a female US citizen left Southampton arrived on 11 September 1906 aboard "Grosser Kurfurst"

Alfred B Greathead an English subject from Birmingham left Liverpool on 6 June 1902 aboard "Cymric" and arrived on 16 June 1902. He was single and aged 21 and an engraver by occupation. His sister Mrs Amy Bailey paid for his ticket.

Annie Greathead a British subject from London, left Southampton on 14 February 1912 aboard "Saint Paul" and arrived on 23 February 1912. She was a single, 29 year old, blue eyed, brown haired lady with fresh complexion and five foot nine inches tall. Annie paid for the ticket herself and was visiting her friend Mrs S Arnesan, Ocean View Avenue, Wood Haven, Long Island. She was a cook and her father T Greathead of Granby Cottage, Oxford Road, Cambridge was her next of kin.

Ed Y Greathead aged 21 from Warrington left Liverpool and Queenstown, aboard "Majestic" arriving 15 June 1892.

Edmund Henry Greathead an English man from Birmingham, left Liverpool on 6 April 1904 aboard "Cedric" and arrived on 15 April 1904. He was a baker aged 27 and going to visit his sister Mrs Bailey 7th Street West, New York, New Jersey who paid for his ticket and was listed as his next of kin.

Elijah Greathead, his wife Emma, his son Thomas, and his other son Jesse arrived on 29 September 1888 on the ship "Celtic". They seemed to visit the USA again, this time with Jesse's his new wife Maud all from Manchester left Liverpool on 24 October 1900 aboard   "Teutonic" and arrived 31 October 1900. Elijah paid for all the tickets. They were all visiting Mississippi, what a honeymoon for Jesse and Maud! All of them returned to England

Estelle Greathead was a US citizen from San Jose in California left Glasgow on 28 August 1909 aboard "Furnessia" and arrived on 7 September 1909.  Estelle was a widow aged 50 and lived 441, South 2nd Street, San Jose, California, she worked as a secretary.

George Greathead left Queenstown and arrived 8 January 1894 aboard "Servia" aged 35.

John F Greathead a US citizen left Napoli and arrived on 5 September 1910 aboard "America". He was aged 24.

John George Greathead, his wife Margaret and sons Robert and John George from Byers Green, Durham left Liverpool on 23 May 1906 aboard "Baltic" and arriving on 2 June 1909. Both John George father and son were coke burners and Robert was a cabinet maker. All four of them returned to England.

John F Greathead a US citizen aged 28 arrived in 1903

Louise Greathead a US citizen born in Philadelphia in 1893 and living in 146 E Holly Avenue, Pittman, New Jersey left Hamilton, Bermuda on 29 December 1923 on board "Fort Victoria" arriving on 31 December 1923.

Lyndon Henry Greathead a british citizen who was born in Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana left Georgetown aboard "Mayaro" arriving on 25 July 1923. He was white, aged 21 and single. He had grey eyes, light brown hair and fair complexion and was five foot ten inches tall. He was visiting Mrs H O Yearwood who lived at 173 Lynwood Street, Brooklyn, USA. Mrs Yearwood was Stella (née Greathead) his sister. His father T H Greathead was listed as his next of kin with an address of 73 High Street, Kingston, Barbados, West Indies.

Muriel Greathead a british citizen who was born in Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana left Georgetown on 21 May 1923 aboard "Matura" arriving on 4 June 1923. She was white, aged 26 and single. She had grey eyes, brown hair and a fresh complexion and was five foot one inch tall. She was permanently emigrating and gave her next of kin as Mrs T H Greathead 73 High Street, Kingston, Barbados, West Indies. She gave her occupation as a civil servant.

Percy Greathead a South African (N Aliwal) born English married man aged 57 obtained a three month visa from London on 25 July 1924 to visit his friend R Griggs at 342 Madison Avenue, New York. Percy was a farmer with blue eyes, fair hair, a fresh complexion and was five foot ten inches tall. His next of kin was listed as his friend Leonard Gordon Heard, Corner House, Johannesburg, South Africa. Percy left Southampton on 30 August 1924 on board "Mauritania" arriving on 5 September 1924.

Stella Greathead a Caucasian British lady who was born in Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana left there aboard "Maraval" and arrived 18 August 1920. She was single, aged 22, blue eyes, brown hair, a fair complexion and five foot four inches tall. She was a civil servant visiting her Uncle H F Gainfort in Brooklyn and other relatives. The trip must have gone well as she stayed in USA and married and her first daughter Dorothy was born in Brooklyn on 16 December 1921. Her father T H Greathead was listed as her next of kin and gave an address of 111 Carmichael Street, Barbados, West Indies.

Thomas P Greathead was engaged as a member of the crew for the Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited, and the American consular crew list on 18 April 1818 in Plymouth and sailed on the ship "Briton". His passport number was 741956. He arrived on 9 May 1918 in New York from Plymouth, having been employed as a Fireman's steward. He was described as British, five foot ten inches tall, weighing 165lbs with face and nose disfigured with scars. He arrived next in New York on 1 July 1918 from Liverpool having worked as a trimmer. His weight had gained to 175lbs. The next trip to New York arrived 6 August 1918 from Glasgow. He had a bracelet on his left wrist during this trip, and was back to being a Fireman's steward. The last trip I am aware of arrived on 19 September in New York from Liverpool. He had lost a couple of pounds in weight and his scars were now described as smallpox scars on his face.

William Henry Greathead left Southampton on 2 October 1920 on the "Aquitania" arriving on 9 October 1920. His last address was given as Kimball, Virginia and had become a naturalised US citizen on 11 June 1912 with a passport number of 51620

Henry Bailey arrived from Liverpool on 14 March 1901 aboard the "Majestic". Amy (née Greathead), his wife and their children arrived on 29 Aug 1901. She travelled on the "Germanic" with their children Harry, Amy, Edward and Gladys.