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Francis Joseph Greathead born in 1855 in Richmond, Yorkshire.  He was in practice there all is life.  He died in 1894. 


Frederick D Greathead was born around 1830 in St Pancras.  He appears in 1861 as a widower living in Hampstead.  I can find no other trace of him


Joseph Greathead born in 1825 in Pond Dale, Gilling, Yorkshire. He was admitted into Christ's College, Cambridge on 3 July 1845. He was awarded his BA in 1849, MA in 1854 and lived at South of Seas House, Threadneedle Street, London.  He died in 1869 in Richmond, Yorkshire.  He does not seem to have married.


Joseph Arthur Waghorn Greathead was born in 1853 in Sheerness in Kent.  He practiced in Rochester and died in 1893


William Greatheed was born in 1847 in Norwood, London.  He was described as an articled clerk at law in 1871 and in 1881 a solicitor and he had retired by 1900.  He died in 1931


Francis Greathead born 1883 in Reeth, Yorkshire.  He was a solicitor's clerk in 1901.  I cannot find him in 1911 but he married Florence Sara Walton in 1929 and dies in 1951