Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - South Africa

One main thing that I can say more about is James Henry Greathead and the 1820 settlers.

At age twenty four James became Head of the Greathead party from Worcestershire.  He sailed with his wife Martha (née Hewitt) age twenty with their son James Henry Greathead age one month, on the Kennersley Castle, arriving on Table Bay on 26 March 1820.

They were refused permission to land because of a measles epidemic and told to be in quarantine for 42 days (epidemic claimed the lives of eighteen children). The ship was eventually allowed to continue its journey to Algoa bay (now Port Elizabeth) where they landed. The settlers and their belongings were dumped on an inhospitable beach and accommodated in a tented camp from where they were eventually allocated land between Grahamstown and Port Alfred. James built a house in Bathurst where he resided until his death

This page will be updated in due course.  I want to talk about those who travelled to South Africa and how they got there but need more time to investigate. If YOU know any information that would help me do let me know