Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Brickwalls


I often find information that I cannot link up to any tree I will list some here.  Maybe you can help?

Malcolm II King of Scotland in 1056 had a surname of Canmore, which translates as Greathead.

The name Greathead appears in London and Whitby, in the 14th and 15th Century. 

Johnis Gretheede de Batley 1576


Can you find where they fit into the Greathead story?

Can you solve any of my brickwalls?


  • Brickwall on Chart 1 Edward my 8xg grandfather I believe Sarah was a bigamist
  • Brickwall on Chart 2 Henry Greathead designed lifeboat and James Henry Greathead led the 1820 also Thomas Greathead born circa 1630 and buried in Bolton on Swale in 1683.
  • Brickwall on Chart 3 George was the father of Robert married Esther Robson in 1802 in Easby, Yorkshire
  • Brickwall on Chart 6 Charles Greathead was born circa 1794 in Pond Dale, Gilling, Yorkshire. His brother John was born two years later in 1796
  • Brickwall on Chart 8 John Greathead married Mary Lyon in 1827 in Sancton, Yorkshire
  • Brickwall on Chart 9 William Greathead on married Ann Johnson in 1733 in Swaffham, Norfolk
  • Brickwall on Chart 11 Robert was born about 1787 in London.
  • Brickwall on Chart 12 Timothy and Ann were the parents of Joseph Greated from Ely Place, London
  • Brickwall on Chart 13 John Greathead was baptised in Coniscliffe, Durham in 1696. His parents were John Greathead and Elinor Parking
  • Brickwall on Chart 14 Thomas married Margerye Scarre. They had sons Laurence and William Greathead were brothers born in Durham circa 1600
  • Brickwall on Chart 16 Joseph Greathead married Esther .... from Studley, Warwickshire
  • Brickwall on Chart 17 Thomas Greathead was born in Bolton circa 1711
  • Brickwall on Chart 18 George Greathead was born in Deane by Bolton in Lancashire circa 1771
  • Brickwall on Chart 19 John from Broughton Astley, Leicestershire
  • Brickwall on Chart 20 Edward Harris inherited from his Uncle Edward Greathed, and changed his name to Greathed.
  • Brickwall on Chart 21 Joseph married Ann in Whaplode, Lincolnshire
  • Brickwall on Chart 22 Thomas Greathead born 1806 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire
  • Brickwall on Chart 23 James Greethead from Bristol
  • Brickwall on Chart 24 Brothers John and Samuel Greathead
  • Brickwall on Chart 25 Thomas a farmer had a son Thomas who married Elizabeth Smith in 1848 in Derby. Their son William was born in Burton on Trent in 1849
  • Brickwall on Chart 26 William Greathead married Sarah Irons in 1771 in Tamworth. They had two boys John and William. Some of the later generations Henry Percy Greathead emigrated to Australia and Joseph Frederick Greathead to USA
  • Brickwall on Chart 27 Joseph Greathead married Mary Cluer in 1756. They lived in the Solihull area and many later members of the family were basket makers
  • Brickwall on Chart 28 Francis Greathead died in Marrick in 1749 and had a son Thomas. The family married into the Whitelock family of Cogden Hall