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A Plea from today's Genealogist

A Plea from a Genealogist of today for family historians of the future


Can every one please give their children either a unique forename or sequence of forenames?  In addition, the names are to be spelled in the normal way so as not to confuse registrars and transcribers.  In order to make this work, when you fill in the 2011 (and subsequent) census forms, please include all the forenames and keep them in the original sequence.  Where an alternative name is used in everyday use - please ensure that the original one is used in formal documents (e.g. wills, company directorships, telephone directories, etc). 

Written one rainy afternoon by Chris Gray between umpteen cups of coffee struggling sort out his family of Ag Labs in Devon.  One would have thought that sorting out families from a small village would be a piece of cake ...

Published with permission from Chris