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Mammels and plants

Given the interest in natural history of many members of the Greathead family, it is not surprising that some animals and plants discovered by them have received their names in recognition


Equus zebra greatheadi Lundholm (1952), a fossil zebra named after N.J. Greathead which she had collected on the family farm, van Wyksfontein

Insects, all named after D J Greathead

Allodape greatheadi Michener (1970), a cuckoo bee from Uganda

Apodacra greatheadi Zumpt (1962), a parasitic fly from Eritrea attacking solitary wasps nesting in the ground Azotus greatheadi

Anneke (1970), a minute parasite wasp from Uganda attacking the primary parasites of the white sugarcane scale insect Empodiodes greatheadi

Oldroyd (1972), a robberfly from the Eastern Cape province, South Africa

Exechohypopion greatheadi Evenhuis (1991), a beefly from New Caledonia Lamyra greatheadii Oldroyd (1974), a robberfly from Somalia

Pericallemyia greatheadi Zumpt (1971), a blowfly from Eritrea Anthrax greatheadi El-Hawagry (1999), a beefly from Egypt

Saropogon greatheadi Londt (1997), a robberfly from Africa Plants Aloe greatheadii Schönland (1903), an aloe collected by J.B.S. Greathead and S. Schönland during their hunting expedition to Botswana Fungus Endimeromyces greatheadi Balazuc (1974?), a parasite of coffee bugs in East Africa named after D.J. Greathead

Note: There are formal codes for the naming of organisms which must be followed by all biologists. In essence, the scientific names of living organisms comprise a genus name (given to a group closely related species) a species name and sometimes a subspecies name. When a name is cited formally it is accompanied by the name of the author and date of publication of the description of the species or subspecies. The name of the author is often placed in brackets when the species has been moved to a different genus from that to which it was originally allocated - in addition. for plants, the name of the author making this change is also added. Thus, the name Greathead placed after the names of a number of insects described by D.J. Greathead

Information taken with kind permission by Dr D.J. Greathead from his book "A Passage to the Cape of Good Hope" and updated by personal communication for insects named after the publication of the book