Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - New Zealand


George Greathead was born on 27 April 1813 in Hudswell, Richmond, Yorkshire, England.  He married Dorothy Turnbull on 3 May 1835 in St John's Church, Newcastle upon Tyne.  He and Dorothy emigrated to Nelson, New Zealand on 6 November 1841 from Liverpool in England, on the ship "Martha Ridgway," with their children William and George Henry.  Jane was born and died during the journey.  George was a blacksmith.  They moved to Wellington 1947.  George died on 17 September 1885 in Wairarapa

George was one of eight children, his sister Rachel born in 1821 emigrated to New Zealand and married John Hartley.

Another sister Maria Greathead born in 1824 and brother Martin Greathead born in 1823 both  emigrated on 20 March 1856 from London, England, arriving in Wellington, New Zealand on the "New Era" on 27 June 1856.  Maria married Benjamin Stevens on 3 October 1856 in St Pauls Church, Wellington, New Zealand.  She died on 7 June 1865.  Martin married Adelaide Squibb on 8 May 1856 in St Pauls Church, Wellington, New Zealand.  He was a shoemaker.  He later married Elizabeth Hanchard on 11 January 1876 and died on 21 July 1904 in Wanganui, New Zealand.

I have also discovered a John Greathead age 24 and a digger from England who sailed from Melbourne aboard "Belle Creole" arriving in Port Nicholson on 8 February 1853.  Todate I have not been able to identify who this John is.  Nor can I identify George Greathead aged 39 who sailed on "Zingair" from Melbourne in November 1854, possibly to Lyttleton and Port Cooper.  Nor William Greathead who sailed on "Seringapatum" from Melbourne to Wellington arriving in January 1856.

Martin and Adelaide had five children:

1  Charlotte Greathead 

2  Dorothy Greathead 

3  John Greathead

4  Robert Henry Greathead

5  ... Greathead