Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Martha Ridgeway

Martha Ridgeway, 621 ton barque, sailed from Liverpool on 6 Nov 1841, arrived in Nelson, 7 Apr 1842. Arrived at Port Nicholson, Wellington, New Zealand after having struck Barret's Reef and had seven feet of water in her hold, but all and all the voyage was without incident. There were twenty-one deaths, eleven caused by dysentary, and seven births. The Martha Ridgeway was later wrecked off Great Barrier Reef sometime around 11 August 1842. Messrs Ridgeway & Guyton, E J Wakefield boarded the ship at Port Nicholson for Nelson. Distribution of allotments within the Nelson township was held between 11 April 1842 - 15 April 1842. The three-masted vessel at anchor in the distance (just left of the flagstaff) is Martha Ridgway

The Captain was Henry W Webb and the Surgeon John Henry Cooper

Steerage Class included

George Greathead age 28 a smith and horseshoer and his wife Dorothy aged 30 and their sons William aged 3 and George Henry aged 1