Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Education received by our Greatheads
Educational establishments
Greathead and related members who attended Educational Establishments
Downs School, Clifton Bernard Wilberforce Greathed about 1904
Eton College Peregrine Francis Greatheed 1761
Eton, Windsor John Greatheed 1761
Berkshire Bertie Greatheed 1790
  George Harris 1791 - Kings College
  John Greathed Harris 1792 - Kings College
  Robert Harris Greathed 1838
  William Samuel Greathead 1838 - 1842
  Edward Archer Greathed 1879 - 1884
  Hervey Greathed 1881-1884
  Eric Thomas Henry Hanbury-Tracy 1885-1888
  Edward Wilberforce Osborn Greathed 1886
  Robert Napier Greathed 1886
Cambridge University John Greated Harris Entered Kings College on 29 June 1793
  Abbott Hamilton Greatheed Entered Trinity College on 29 April 1833
Oxford University Edward Archer Greathed New College from 1885
Westminster Edward Harris Greathed about 1841