Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Do's and don'ts of Family History research - how true
Dos and don'ts when family history researching- There are a lot more do's than don'ts
1   Do write things down in record offices etc. do it in a form of hand writing that can be read when you get home
2   Do write things down in note books not on scraps of paper which after a three day research trip to a far away record office can blow across the car park when the car door opens and disappear forever
3   Do write name address and phone number in note book so when you loose it there is a chance it will get returned
 4   Do assume that you have made mistakes due to old age, hangover or dyslexia
5   Do assume that the original record may be wrong due to the clerk having old age, hangover or dyslexia
6   Do record in full any document references and where you were when they were recorded along with date
7   Don't believe anyone who sends you data unless they and you can verify the source
8   Don't believe the Internet
9   Don't believe indices
10   Do buy an extra bookcase and filling cabinet before all available worktops in the house are overwhelmed with paper as 2. above. on the assumption that it isn't lost or blown away before getting to the worktop
11   Do Back up computer data on a regular basis, but don't back up latest database that is corrupted on top of last good backup
12   Don't allow anyone with the same surname especially children to "upgrade" the computer hardware or software
13  Don't assume that hard disks last forever
14  Do when visiting a record office with a spouse/partner assume that they may spend the day duplicating what you are doing
15  Do when visiting a record office with a spouse/partner sit as far apart as possible; this minimises fights although  increases the chances of 14. above
16  Do when visiting a new record office with a spouse/partner for the first time sort out the route in advance and assume navigation will be done by you; this generally relates to 15. above
17  Do when visiting a record office with a spouse/partner assume that they may be researching something totally unrelated that you are unaware of
18  Do when booking a motel on a motorway remember (a.) which hotel chain it is in and (b.) which motorway it is on; see 15 above
19  Do when booking bed and breakfast remember (a.) which town it is in and the address. (b.) the phone number. (c.) if you used a guide book for several booking in the past the marks on the pages all look the same; see 15. above
20  Don't give up, it is good fun and the above 19 points are part of it.!

There are others but largely unprintable say Howard (LAVER) and his Spouse/Partner (Dawn) www.lavertowers.freeserve.co.uk who are fellow GOONS and kindly gave their permission to print their top 20 tips.  They added a PS point 21 stay with partner/spouse for 33 years. (see point 15)