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The distribution of the Greathead name over the years

The Greathead families seem to have originated from the North East of England. We have been interested in measuring data on population since the time when the Doomsday Book was complied. The first full census however was taken in 1801, both to gauge possible resources available during the Napoleonic Wars and to find out whether the population was growing or not.

Census returns were taken in the UK every 10 years from 1801 to 1831 and gave genealogists very little information on individuals. A more detailed return was taken in 1841. However those taken from 1851 to current times have had far more information gathered. Copies of the enumeration sheets are only available up until 1911, the others are subject to the 100 year confidentiality rule.

Below show entries in 1881, 1901 and 2001 left to right