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Timothy and Ann were the parents of Joseph Greated from Ely Place, London



 Greated Family Chart 12

Timothy Greathed born about 1699 married Ann Nay.... on 25 July 1732 in the Fleet Prison.  Their son Joseph Greated from Ely Place, London.  He married Ann Bray and was a member of the Joiners livery.  He died in 1818.  When did they change their name to Greated, dropping the excess letters and why?  Some members of the family moved to Ireland, I wondered why? My theory from family stories

Joseph was a carpenter and undertaker living at 15 Turnagain Lane, Snowhill in London in 1790-9 and in 1802 at 33 Snowhill

Joseph living at 13 Ely Place Holborn in 1790-9 was a builder

Who were Timothy's parents? 

Anyone any ideas please?