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Robert was born about 1787 in London.



Robert Featherstone Greathead Chart 11

Robert Featherstone  was born in 1783 in London. He married Elizabeth and had three known children including Harriett who married David Wilkinson, Featherstone who became an Excise Officer and Elizabeth.   
I have discovered that Robert had a brush with "The Old Bailey".  The children were born in Dorset but they grew up in London. Featherstone, his son travelled much of England and Scotland performing his duties as an Excise Officer.  One of his grandson's Alfred Augustus born in Yorkshire in 1845 in the same year his grandfather died was a musical artist and changed his and his families surname to Montgomery.  One of Alfred's sons Robert tried hard to become a war artist.  

Although Alfred's family took the surname of Montgomery, Greathead appears often in the descendents name either forming a double barrelled surname or as a forename.

Alfred's siblings continued to use the surname of Greathead.  Walter his brother and family emigrated to Canada.  

Do you know who Robert's parents were? 

Anyone any ideas please?