Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Brickwall on Chart 1
Edward my 8xg grandfather I believe Sarah was a bigamist

Edward Greathead -  Chart 1

Edward  is my 8xg grandfather had one known son called William  born circa 1650. Who were his parents, his wife and did they have any other children?

My 2x great grandmother Sarah Brown on her marriage certificate to William Greathead in 1852 was described as a spinster.

On the birth certificate of her first son Thomas in 1853 she describes herself as Sarah Greathead formerly Brown. On the birth certificate of her following sons Peter in 1855, William in 1858 and George in 1861 she describes herself as Sarah Greathead formerly Brown late Taylor

On the 1851 census Sarah can be found with her parents Peter and Isabella (née Baker) Brown and is listed as single.

Had she married before this date and the family were covering up, or maybe they did not know?

Maybe it was a short marriage and her husband died or was he paid off?

I searched long and hard for a possible marriage of Sarah to a Mr Taylor. I found what may be the marriage on 18 December 1847. Sarah Brown aged 21 married James Taylor in Stanhope. Sarah's father was Peter Brown a labourer. The witnesses are not family members. Did Sarah fib about her age as she did not have parental approval?

I then searched for a possible death of James Taylor prior to 1851 purchasing many death certificates. None of these were the correct James Taylor. I then had another brainwave, maybe James died about the time of the birth of William and Sarah's second child so I purchased many more certificates. Sadly none of these can be the correct one. Ho hum, back to the drawing board and that brickwall!!

Then I asked again for help from my fellow Guild members. Back came a real possible answer. The birth of Peter in 1855 is exactly seven years since she married James Taylor. So for whatever reason maybe he disappeared !! Sarah declared him dead after seven years. I need to find any paperwork to support this theory but it seems possible.

I am pretty sure I have the correct Brown family as Peter Greathead was the informant of Isabella Brown's death in 1872 and was described as her grandson.

Anyone any other ideas please?