Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Belle Creole

Belle Creole, a 269 ton barque, sailed from Melbourne arrived in Port Nicholson on 8 February 1853.

Her Captain was James Henton

Wellington Passengers Only

R Barry, J Burgess,  R Burke, G Campbell, JJ Campbell, Mrs and Miss (x3) Campbell,  P Christison, W Clapham, D Cooke, P Cooper, J Craig, Cunable and wife and daughter, Daiene, J Donald, Gardener and wife and daughter, J Greathead, J Griffiths, Mary Griffiths, J Harding, D Harmer, J Herbert, H Hulley, W Hurst, J Jackson, Mary Jones, P L Lin, J McEwen, J McKain, J McLee, J Macnamana/Macnamara, D Maginity, J Minifie, H Mitchell, S Neats, A Richards, R Scott, J Smyth, J Symons, W Tandy, Dr Taylor, J Tuke, J Waterson, C White and J Yates