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14 January 2007 - Meeting friends at White Walham
The plan was to attend the VAC Snowdrop flyin at Bicester.  But the dreaded VAC curse has not lost its strength over the Christmas period.  Saturday was windy, wet and low cloud.
Sunday however looked better, so bags packed we headed for the airfield.  This time of the year there are few flyins so we decided just to get into the air would be a bonus.  The entrance to the runways looked wet but the runway itself looked OK.
AY was as good as ever and started first time despite not being flown for four weeks.  She was clearly as keen as us to fly.
We headed West along the River Test, viewing the rather flooded fields around Salisbury.

Lots of water around Salisbury

We could see Bristol, Bath and went past a white cap badge on the chalk hills we could not remember seeing before.  Then up to Bradford-on-Avon where the road, railway and canal meet.  So keeping them in sight we headed for Devizes to see the famous lock system.

Devizes lock system

Tummies rumbling we headed for White Waltham.

White Waltham airfield

Filling up with fuel over the magic number of litres allowed us a free landing - always welcome.  We were sad to see on the WW notice board to see that Freddie Stringer had died on 12 January.  We ate extremely good bacon baguettes and coffee and chatted to members of the FM Tiger group before heading home.
Immediately after taking off we noticed a menacing looking cloud ahead.  We were in for a bumpy ride home!  It soon started raining and strong thermals certainly gave Martin some flying practice.  It was strange as the weather was very certainly local. We could see bright sunshine the North and South of us. Fortunately we got out of the bad weather by the time we returned to the airfield.  Landing safely we taxied to the hangers, washed the plane and put her away.  Must bring those covers home soon, they do need a wash.  Maybe I should find some more old sheets and make a second set.  Maybe...........

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