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27 March 2007 - Isle of Wight, Sandown
With so many windy or wet weekends recently we decided to head for our beloved Island mid week for a change. The weather was reported as good, light winds and moderate visibility.
We arrived at the airfield and prepared the plane.  The winds were certainly light but visibility was poor, however we thought it was bound to improve.
It was difficult to navigate but flying a heading we soon picked up Lasham, Alton and later Butser Hill.  We flew on and were pleased to be able to make out the shape of the island, so called up Sandown.
Joining downwind as there was no one else in the circuit we soon landed and taxied to park beside a V tailed Bonanza.  We do not often see them outside the US.

Martin leaving AY beside the V tailed Bonanza

We paid our landing fee in the Tower and headed for Shanklin across the fields. It was surprisingly still quite wet in places.
Arriving at the coast we walked to our favourite beach cafe for lunch.  We saw what Martin's friends will understand as heaven for him.  As close to his beloved "bunker" as he can get at the moment. So if Jan looses him, he is either in his model aeroplane shed, or here!

Almost a bunker

Then we walked into Sandown and back over the golf course to the airfield.  We were nearly on our knees by the time we got back to the plane as it certainly was the longest walk we had done in a while.
Sadly the mist had NOT burnt off as we hoped and the return flight was even more of a challenge to navigate than on the way down.  Thank goodness for familiar roads.
We were very pleased to get to the Island again, but there was much discussion over who would have the first soak in the bath when we got home, exhausted and hungry.