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12 September 2007 - Escaping to the Island
Having been disappointed at not being able to go to neither Belle Vue on 8th nor Watchford Farm on 9th and Martin spending quite some time on Monday 10th at the airfield mending his door catch, we decided to play hookey and spend the day flying.
Arriving early at the airfield we checked the door catch, along with the usual checks.  Thankfully all was well
We arrived on the Island about lunchtime and took on fuel before securing AY in a parking slot

Planes at Sandown

We were interested to see the Islander parked and were told it was due to take off. 

Islander - G-IOWA

However tummies rumbling we set off and walked down through the fields to Shanklin to our usual lunchtime venue for some welcome food and drink.  The airfield was not available after 6pm because of work on the runway so we could not complete our usual walk and returned back up the hill, looking quite enviously at the road train, but discounted it and continued to walk. We took off and saw an interesting sailing ship in the Solent.

Sailing ship

We had experienced a very sunny day on the Island but the mainland was covered in cloud, so we were quite glad to be heading for home.