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7 July 2007 - Popham PFA Fly in
At last the weather changed.  The wind dropped and the rain miraculously stopped.  The sun shone.
Having not seen AY since before our holiday we headed for the airfield to put things back in the aeroplane removed for easier access and to replace the spats
We gave the plane a thorough check over and since we needed fuel we decided to make the short trip to Popham.  Just before starting the engine a stranger approached us to say that he had just landed on the strip in a LS8 glider.  He was attempting a cross country from Dunstable.
We got airborne and refuelled at Popham where there was the PFA flyin.  

Finals at Popham

We had a quick whizz past the stalls that were still operating before heading to the club house for coffee and a shared Eccles cake.  They were enormous but rather delicious.
After chatting to some other aviators we headed home to discover the glider was still on the strip preventing us from landing, but the retrieve crew and trailer had arrived from Dunstable.  

LS8 and retrieve crew with trailer

Following one of the conversations at Popham we headed off to view a private strip near Alton where the owner kept his Piper Cub.  Envious no, not us........

Private strip at Alton

By then the glider was in the trailer and upon seeing us wishing to land the crew cleared the runway.
Having done gliding many years ago Martin sympathised with their difficult drive home with a large trailer.  However a retrieve from the airstrip was much easier than a conventional field.  The pilot did well to find and land on the very narrow strip.
We headed home hoping the weather would last for a longer trip the following day.