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3 February 2007 - Set off for Compton Abbas but ended at Popham
The weather was set fair and the wind forecast was low.  So we decided to visit Compton Abbas.  We had not been there for over a year, so it seemed a great plan.
We set off and all was well, we enjoyed the countryside and called up to discover they were using Runway 08.  Joining the circuit down wind we were surprised to discover we drifted off course.  The reason soon became apparent when the lady announced over the radio the wind was 20 knotts. Although we attempted a landing Martin soon aborted the attempt as it was clearly just too windy to be safe.

We headed back home worried that the wind had got far stronger than forecast.  We looked out for signs of smoke, one of Jan's normal duties.  All signs showed little wind, we could not understand.  We called Popham who informed us that their wind was 5 knotts and scheduled to go down.  So feeling happier we changed our plans and landed at Popham, they too were using Runway 08. 

We filled up with fuel and taxied around to the clubhouse.  One thing about landing at Popham there are always people to meet.  We talked for a while with some friends who had sold their Cessna 140 and bought a Cessna 172 while they complete the Europa they are building.  We enjoyed a great lunch and taxied past the familiar water tower before taking off

Back home we washed the plane and put it away until the next time