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1 January 2008 - Popham Fly-in by car
We set off for our airfield rather optimistically and were soon to discover that flying early in the morning was going to be a no-no
So we stopped off at Popham for a coffee with the hope that the fog would clear and we could go on to our airfield and fly AY back for the flyin.

Popham clubhouse

There were many plane spotters in the club house and soon some friends arrived and invited us up to their hanger where they keep their planes.  We enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake with them whilst discussing aeroplane issues.

John, John and Jed

The conversation was abruptly stopped by the sound of an aeroplane engine - some brave pilot had made it to the flyin.  He had obviously flown high on instruments.  Odd breaks were appearing in the cloud and a few more planes appeared, but by the time we felt comfortable to fly AY it was rather too late, so we decided that a walk around the planes that had arrived would have to suffice.

Martin and John discuss items

It was still good to be at an airfield on the first day of the year, with like minded people.  We understand around 20 planes eventually attended the flyin.

Full discussion about the planes