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2 September 2007 - Brimpton Flyin
We took off for what was to be a rather short but never the less pleasant flight to Brimpton.  The wind was stronger than expected and the plan was in the air very quickly.  We flew past what was Greenham Common  airfield and the Racecourse.

Greenham Common "Airfield" and Newbury racecourse

Then onto Brimpton airfield there were many barges on the canal.

Brimpton airfield

There were several planes in the circuit and we joined downwind, surprised to see so many aeroplanes already on the ground

Short finals at Brimpton

Fortunately the wind was lighter as we called short finals.  We parked to the edge of the field and headed for the Control tent

Martin checking AY ok to leave

to sign in and see who had already arrived.

View of the Control tent and hangers

Since Martin has gone back to making model aeroplanes he was particularly pleased to see and talk with the owners of the models on display.  He spent quite some time talking with David Theunissen discussing how to make a balancer for lithium batteries.  He told us about his website that gave much information and many detailed plans.  He flew his plane superbly even in the wind.

Model of G-EBHS

 He also flew his "fun" foam planes amazingly well.

Fun planes

Others flew their jet planes far too fast for my comfort.  How do they do it?  Also one plane was piggy backing a second aircraft.  Whilst in the air the second plane broke away and they flew separately

Jet models in the distance

The Piston Provost then took off and provided the audience with some superb flying

Piston Provost

This was then followed by another display from a Saab Saphir.  

Saab Saphir landing

Our friend Paul Sengupta arrived in his Bulldog in formation with another Bulldog and did a couple of low fly pasts before his friend flew off and Paul landed.  The food during the day was very good and enjoyed by all.  We met many friends, some of whom had flown in while others drove by car.  The wind stayed all day, but did not get too strong.  However when we decided to leave it seemed to gain strength, so we waved our Auster friends, John and Jed off as they returned to Popham.

Jed Mackie in his Auster rebuilt in a hanger at Heathrow many years ago

G-AIZU and John Morley

Not wishing to push our luck too far as the wind was quite definitely getting stronger and included more "North"  We headed for AY and returned home.  It was quite an exciting flight and Martin's expertise came in handy for the landing.  We washed the plane and put her away, hoping the dry weather would last until next weekend.