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Isle of Wight, Bembridge - 21 April 2007
With the stress of the medical over and the tailwheel now reconditioned so that it does not shimmer when landing on a hard runway we had to get airborn as soon as possible.

So we decided Bembridge met all the criteria and headed off despite the visibility not being as good as we hoped.
We took off making contact with Popham informing them of our position. There was quite a few planes in the circuit.
Off past Lasham, Alton and Butser Hill on to Portsmouth  The tide was out further than we had ever seen

Calling up Bembridge we discovered they were using runway 12 and a left hand circuit.  Landing safely we were very pleased with the tailwheel performance.  Taxiing to row C where the fuel bowser was positioned.  We took on fuel and headed for the tower

We then headed off for our usual walk up through the woods past the windmill on onto the village and then down to the harbour.

Lunch on the benches outside the cafe looking at the harbour and watching the tide come in quite fast
Feeling keen we set off along the beach to the lifeboat station, not realising that the tide was coming in quite so fast.  On many occasions we had to hike over the large stones at the top of the beach.  Not nearly as comfortable as walking along the sand at low tide.
Nevertheless we had a very pleasant although tiring afternoon.  Back at the airfield we stopped for a drink before heading home
The flight home was uneventful in very calm air

Grateful to be in the air again and for Aerofab making AY better.