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5 August 200 7 - Devon Strut Flyin - Treborough
We had been looking forward to revisiting Treborough,  We have not been able to attend a Devon Strut meeting yet this year.  However many have been cancelled due to bad weather.  We stopped off at Henstridge to fill up with fuel, before completing our trip to one of the highest airfields in England.

Treborough farm stip

The circuit was very busy when we took our place.  However we aborted our landing going around as the plane that landed in front of us was rather a long time on the runway.  Much better to go around than hope he would clear in time.   It gave us another opportunity to see the magnificent views over Exmoor and the Bristol Channel to Cardiff.  The second approach was successful and we landed taxiing to the end of the runway.  Here we waited for another plane to land and then joined three others backtracking to park in the grass off the runway.

Landing on Runway 07

As usual with Devon Strut flyins we were met with a welcoming friendly smile and invited to walk down to the tent and sign in.  On the way down we met some familiar faces and enjoyed catching up on the news.  Lunch was a cheese and ham roll, cake and a very welcome coffee.

Lunch over time to relax

Martin was introduced to a gentleman from the Devon Strut who built model aeroplanes, and spent a delightful time chatting over battery packs, the difficulty of obtaining tissue and dope etc and the finer arts of flying models. Martin is now heavily into spending much time when not flying the full size models, building small electric powered planes.  He spends many hours smoothing the balsa wood to make a perfect angle and perfecting all aspects of the plane.  We then watched many of the planes leave and decided to take off up down hill on runway 07.  The wind was across the runway so it seemed sensible to prefer the downhill slope.  The weather had been wonderful and we were so pleased to meet up with old friends.

Chalk white horse

After taking off we headed towards Glastonbury Tor and the wonderful landmark of the cement chimney.  Then the white horse became visible.  Later we spotted a crop circle.

Crop circle

We continued home as the weather started to break up.  Luckily we arrived home before the rain started.  It was only a short shower, but welcome after the heat of the day.  We cleaned the plane and put her away ready for the next time.

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