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10 October 2007 - Smithwood Common model flying
One call from our friend Paul suggesting we meet him on Smithwood Common to fly his model plane was all that was needed.  Night draws in fast nowadays so there was not that much time.  We met and set ourselves in a good position.  The first flight of over ten minutes went very well. 
A gentleman walking his dog commented on the good flight and we discovered he was hugely knowledgeable and had spent his life in the industry.  It was quite sad to say goodbye to him as he wandered off home. 
The battery recharged Paul decided on one more flight before the light disappeared.  All went well for ten minutes and Paul tried to do a low pass, but sadly the wing tip hit a tree and the next branch caught the plane completely.
Boys will be boys and trees are there to climb up or shake, and not willing to loose his plane Paul headed for the offending tree.  With shouted directional instructions from Martin Paul eventually found the tree, shook it hard and bingo the plane fell.
Amazingly the plane received very little damage and was soon declared flyable but the light was definitely too bad, Paul did not wish to try for a night rating so we decided to abandon the exercise, to return on another calm evening

Just arrived

Getting ready

First launch


My plane and me

Off for a second flight

I found it

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