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Sackville Farm - 9 October 2005 - Vintage Aircraft club Flyin

Regrettably this year weather and other events have stopped us attending as many Vintage Aircraft Club flyins as we had planned.  So we were determined to make the trip to Sackville if at all possible.

The day was planned to take place on Saturday or if the weather was not good, on Sunday.  We received a telephone call and Email on Friday evening  to say the flyin was taking place on Sunday.  So we made preparations.

The day started well and with very good visibility we flew up past Greenham Common, Didcot Power Station, Benson,  Finmere and Turweston and then at Buckingham we headed East around Milton Keynes passing Poddington where they were racing and landed at Sackville Farm.  We were the first visiting aeroplane to arrive.  But within minutes we were joined by about 40 other aircraft of all ages and sizes.

Tony the owner of Sackville produced a fabulous barbecue, delicious salads with wicked puddings which were enjoyed by all.  Many of those who attended posed for the group photograph before making their way home

All lining up for the group photograph

We flew through many thermals on the way home making filming rather full of feet and sky and  popped into Popham for some fuel before heading back to our home airfield.  We washed the aircraft put on her covers and headed for home.  Grateful for another safe flight.

A wonderful day with great food, great company and a fantastic flight.  So pleased we managed this flyin.  Thanks to all for arranging.