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6 January 2008 - Henstridge
The weather forecasters had promised a break in the frightening gales we had been experiencing so having not made it into the air yet this year Martin was champing at the bit to do so.
So we headed for the airfield.  Whilst preparing AY for the flight the owners of the Luscombe kept in the hanger arrived and announced they were off to a hard runway and had chosen Henstridge.  Jan guessed maybe the lure of the Henstridge kitchen may also be an attraction.
They took off before us and headed West.  We followed along the usual landmarks of Chilbolton Telescope, a wide excursion around Middle Wallop, South of Salisbury, North of Shaftesbury for a straight in on Runway 25.  The wind was light and down the runway enabling a gentle touchdown.

Straight in on Runway 25

The Luscombe boys were already in the club house, we took on fuel before joining them.  Several other planes had also taken advantage of the decent weather.  Chatting and partaking of the excellent food at Henstridge we lost track of time and realised we had been there for about an hour and a half and looking out through the windows we saw some low cloud scudding across the runway and decided it was time to head for home.
The return journey was uneventful although there was more cloud and no trace of sun.  On reaching the River Test we ran into rain passing through a shower for about three miles.  Luckily it had stopped raining by the time we reached the airfield and we landed safely about five minutes after the Luscombe had returned
Pleased to have had such a good flight so early in the season we cleaned AY, put her covers on and went home happy