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23 August 2008 - Henstridge Fly in
The annual Great Vintage Flying Weekend fly in at Henstridge is always a tremendous event and all of us who fly are very grateful for the organisation and hard work that has made this so successful.

This year the weather wasn’t the best with some patchy low cloud and poor visibility in places on the way. However the wind was behaving well and was suitably light for the vintage types.

We landed and took on fuel requiring Brian to fire up his trusty bowser. Then we were parked on the grass with assistance from the marshalling team.

After signing in we took a look at the collection of interesting vehicles that were on display.

Some of these cars are indeed very rare and it would appear to be quite a risk just driving to such events

A little later our friends John and Sue arrive in the Tiger Moth G-ANFM

FM arriving using the grass runway

Very much later in the day another friend, Paul Sengupta arrived in his Bulldog G-DOGG. Unfortunately he was too late for the burgers and sausages.  Luckily he did make it in time to see the BBMF

It was really great to see the Dakota make several low passes

This was a really good day but sadly the numbers were down from last year. This may have been due to poor weather West of the area but no doubt the nationwide cost of Avgas was taking its toll